tSoniq is an independent European software house specialising in embedded projects, with expertise covering audio, wireless, networking, and device drivers.

Recent examples of project work undertaken include:

  • JUCE cross-platform PlugIn and application development.
  • macOS and Windows Thunderbolt Audio drivers with ultra-low latency, multi-client ASIO, concurrent PortCls, and proprietary application interfaces for control and configuration.
  • custom signal processing and application design to provide analogue and digital audio signal quality assurance testing, with the ability to detect, log and identify single sample errors in hours of recording.

For development services, visit the services page .

We also have a small number of high quality DSP plugins for Korg Logue instruments, the most recent of which, viper and ds80 , emulate the PPG Wave and other classic synthesisers. See the Logue software page for a full list of plugins.

Website Migration

Website Migration

After ten years running on Wordpress, this site has now been migrated to static HTML using Hugo along with a customisation of the Mainroad theme. The motivation for this was to substantially improve site responsiveness and security, while also simplifying maintenance. Wordpress has become a maintenance headache with constant updates needed for both the core application and plugins. Editing posts and pages has also become more painful than necessary. In contrast, the Hugo static site generator runs locally and generates fixed HTML content.