Website Migration

After ten years running on Wordpress, this site has now been migrated to static HTML using Hugo along with a customisation of the Mainroad theme.

The motivation for this was to substantially improve site responsiveness and security, while also simplifying maintenance. Wordpress has become a maintenance headache with constant updates needed for both the core application and plugins. Editing posts and pages has also become more painful than necessary.

In contrast, the Hugo static site generator runs locally and generates fixed HTML content. There is no dynamic page generation and no software on the server that risks security or maintenance problems.

The migration was relatively straightforward, using Wordpress’s XML export to recreate pages and posts in a suitable structure. Posts were then edited to cleanup links and provide appropriate Markdown front matter. As always, the most painful part of the changes was figuring out the correct edits to the CSS data for the colour scheme and some changes to the element shapes.

A big advantage of the hugo based site is that all content is prepared using Markdown , making content editing easy. My main tools for writing and coding are BBedit and Ulysses , both of which integrate well with Hugo and which are vastly more productive than fighting Wordpress’s block-editor. Another advantage is that the entire site is now under git revision control, making change control far easier to manage.

There are some downsides to using Hugo, but these are mostly related to the fairly painful learning curve needed to customise the site. Figuring out exactly something is not quite styled correctly (square corners on a tag with hover rather than round) is as always with CSS a pain to deal with, particularly when trying to modify an existing complex stylesheet. And while the ‘Go’ language’s html/template system is powerful, the syntax and debugging can be more than a little frustrating. Fortunately, once set up it is not something that I would expect to touch very often.

As before, the site is completely free of advertising. tsoniq itself collects no analytics, no user information and uses no cookies. I have tried to keep the site as clean and non-invasive as possible, but be aware that if you comment then this uses Discus, with all that implies (unfortunately, I can not find a workable alternative compatible with the hosting service). There are also some links to YouTube and Sellfy that may affect privacy.

The migration should have preserved all links from the old site. If you find something is broken please let me know via email to .