tSoniq is an independent European software house specialising in embedded projects, with expertise covering audio, wireless, networking, and device drivers for USB, PCI and Thunderbolt.

Recent examples of custom project work undertaken include:

  • Windows Thunderbolt Audio drivers with ultra-low latency, multi-client ASIO concurrently with Windows native PortCls, and proprietary application interfaces for control and configuration.
  • macOS USB and Thunderbolt audio drivers with best-in-class latency for both Intel and M1 based systems using CoreAudio with both KEXT and DriverKit architectures.
  • OSC based control system for DAW software.
  • Custom signal processing and application design to provide analogue and digital audio signal quality assurance testing, with the ability to detect, log and identify single sample errors in hours of recording.

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For Korg Logue software plugins, please visit this page.