We can offer the following services:

  • USB and Thunderbolt media system architecture and driver/firmware development
  • macOS Kernel and DEXT audio driver development
  • Windows native and ASIO driver development
  • embedded firmware design and development
  • macOS, iOS and iPadOS software design and development
  • project review and troubleshooting
  • project planning and execution, including funding
  • localisation support for our software in to most major languages

Recent examples of project work undertaken include:

  • ultra-low latency hybrid PortClass + multi-client ASIO audio drivers for Windows
  • macOS Thunderbolt audio drivers with sub-sample-time latency overhead
  • high performance PTP/IP application and drivers for macOS
  • Turnkey USB DFU application development for CSR BlueCore based devices
  • Application localisations including Traditional and Simplified Chinese variants

We specialise in development for Apple platforms, using Swift, Objective-C, C/C++ and scripting languages. We can also provide cross-platform software development and Windows/WDM drivers. Our firmware development experience includes extensive work with both C and assembler, and have more than twenty years of experience with ARM and MIPS based SOCs.

For further information please email for a no-obligation evaluation of your requirements.