tSoniq is an independent European software house specialising in embedded projects, with expertise covering audio, wireless, networking, and device drivers.

Recent examples of project work undertaken include:

  • JUCE cross-platform PlugIn and application development.
  • macOS and Windows Thunderbolt Audio drivers with ultra-low latency, multi-client ASIO, concurrent PortCls, and proprietary application interfaces for control and configuration.
  • custom signal processing and application design to provide analogue and digital audio signal quality assurance testing, with the ability to detect, log and identify single sample errors in hours of recording.

For development services, visit the services page .

We also have a small number of high quality DSP plugins for Korg Logue instruments, the most recent of which, viper and ds80 , emulate the PPG Wave and other classic synthesisers. See the Logue software page for a full list of plugins.

Additive synthesis on a CPU and memory constrained ARM platform

Additive synthesis on a CPU and memory constrained ARM platform

The Korg Prologue and Minilogue-XD feature the ability to load digital user-oscillators that extend the range of possible sounds. Good candidates for these are emulations of oscillators from early digital/analogue hybrid synthesisers, replicating waveforms and wavetables from instruments such as the Korg DW-8000 , the Kawai K3 , the Ensoniq ESQ-1 and PPG Wave . But, there is a catch. Logue plugins run on a relatively slow processor, an ARM Cortex M4, with only 32KiB of shared code and data space.