fusion: a user-oscillator for Prologue and Minilogue XD

The new fusion plugin for Korg Prologue and Minilogue XD has been released.

This uses a newly developed virtual-analogue synth engine, which runs on the Logue’s Cortex M4 oscillator CPU. The engine combines high-quality anti-aliased oscillators with true 2x oversampling for the best possible audio quality.

fusion attempts to answer the question: can I put a 24dB/octave filter in my Logue? Changing the VCF is not viable, so fusion aims to be the next best thing: a user-oscillator that provides virtual analogue models of the Minilogue XD VCOs combined with a multi-mode digital filter. Furthermore, fusion is tightly integrated with the synthesiser’s main panel controls and modulation sources - so out of the box you can just load fusion, turn up the multi-engine and turn down the VCOs, and still use the synth in the normal way, but with digital oscillators and a multi-mode digital filter.

Two versions of fusion are available: fusion-lite, which provides the basic VA oscillators and low-pass filters, and fusion-pro, which adds additional oscillator models as well as high-pass and band-pass filter modes - all controllable from the Logue’s front panel.

For more information and the download links, see this page .