unity is a user oscillator for the NTS-1, Minilogue XD, Prologue 8 and Prologue 16 synthesisers.

At its simplest, it can emulate pulse-based string synthesis and the JP-8000 super-saw, but it also has a broad range of sound shaping controls that can go substantially further.

Fifteen waveform generator models are provided, encompassing linear morphing between analogue wave-shapes, aliasing and anti-aliased generators, ring-modulation, frequency-modulation, and phase-synchronised modes for percussive sounds. Depending on the selected model, a single voice can contain up to nineteen independent parallel oscillators with morphable wave-shapes and adjustable detune-spread.

Sound can be further shaped via an overdrive unit and resonant high-pass filter stage. On Minilogue XD synthesisers, the HPF filter controls can be linked to the front-panel filter cutoff and resonance controls and modulation sequencer. Alternatively, the LFO can be used to modulate the HPF cutoff, the wave-shape or the detune-spread.


To get the most out of unity, you will need to edit any newly created patch. The editable parameters are:

Panel Control Function
Shape Sets the wave shape
Shift-Shape Sets the detune
VCF Cutoff 1 If Modulation is set to 5 or 6, controls the HPF cutoff frequency
VCF Resonance 1 If Modulation is set to 5 or 6, controls the HPF resonance
Parameter Function
Model Selects the waveform generator model
Density Sets the number of parallel oscillator pairs
HPF Cutoff Sets the tracking high-pass cutoff frequency
HPF Resonance Sets the tracking high-pass filter resonance
Overdrive Sets the overdrive level, to thicken the sound
Modulation Sets a modulation source and destination

Be aware that a newly initialised oscillator will have a density of 1, and it will be necessary to increase this for the Shift-Shape detune control to have an effect.

The Modulation setting can be used to apply LFO Shape modulation to several parameters, or, on the Minilogue XD, to link the HPF cutoff and resonance to the front-panel filter cutoff and resonance controls.

For details of the models and modulation sources see the manual (pdf) .


Click here to download unity version 1.1 (zip) .

The zip file contains the user manual and builds for Prologue, Minilogue-XD and NTS1.

  1. Minilogue-XD and Prologue only. ↩︎ ↩︎