The PTP SDK provides a portable framework for mobile or desktop application development of PTP based camera applications compliant with PTP version 1.1 / ISO 15740 (Third Edition, 2013). 

The core driver is written in C++ and supports most POSIX based host platforms, including iOS and macOS. For Apple based software development, Cocoa wrappers are supplied which permit the use of the drivers from either Objective-C or Swift. A transport specific layer permits adaptation to USB or non-standard media such as WiFi and network transports such as PTP/IP or other proprietary protocols can be provided subject to technology licencing restrictions. Service discovery and initial connection can be supported using zeroconf or proprietary discovery mechanisms.

The SDK provides a simple application interface over a multithreaded archiecture that permits background data transfer with priority quing of transactions. Configurable pipelining can be used to maximise performance and minimise battery usage when using slower interfaces such as TCP/IP. This can yield image browsing performance increases of upto 2x to 3x compared to non-pipelined implementations operating over 802.11. The drivers can also be adapted to support any device limitations or extensions to the baseline ISO or standard, such as MTP specific requests or non-standard IP transports.

The software can be supplied for standalone use, or as part of a custom application development.

Availability and Pricing

PTP SDK for macOS and iOS:

    price: on application
    delivery: within 10 working days of purchase.
    included support: 90 days (subject to receipt of test devices from the customer).

Please contact for a no-obligation demonstration application or a quotation for bespoke application development.