Classic DFU SDK


The Classic Firmware update SDK provices tools for macOS to support wired USB firmware updates for Qualcomm/CSR BlueCore devices using the classic CSR DFU protocol.

The SDK comprises a macOS kernel driver component combined with a application user-mode driver set that work together to update firmware on a target device. The SDK includes an example template application that can be customised with suitable branding. Driver installation is performed from within the application, obviating the need for a standalone installer.

The core driver is written in C++ and is supplied in both binary and source form. Binaries are signed using our kernel developmemt certificates, but we can work with clients to obtain the necessary signing certificates from Apple to ensure consistent software branding.

The SDK is available as a standalone development kit, allowing development by the purchaser. Options are also available to purchase turn-key variants with branding and look-and feel adapted to the custoers requirements.

Branded versions use a template application whose look and feel can be customised for a specific brand (naming, colour scheme and logo), and USB idVendor value. Please contact us in advance of a purchase to evaluate a demonstration application that shows the functionality that is available.

All SDKs are supplied with full source code and no restrictions 

Available Kits and Pricing

macOS Classic DFU SDK:

    price: on application
    delivery: within 10 working days of purchase.
    included support: 90 days (subject to receipt of test devices from the customer).

macOS Classic DFU SDK with turn-key application using custom branding for one USB idVendor

price: on application
    delivery: within 30 working days from purchase and receipt of branding materials.
    included support: 180 days (subject to receipt of test devices from the customer).

Please contact for a no-obligation demonstration application or a quotation for bespoke development requirements further to the standard kits.