PTP SDK Released

Barcelona, December 21st 2018

tSoniq is pleased to announce availablility of a new cross-platform PTP protocol stack for use when interfacing cameras over USB or Wireless connections  compliant with PTP version 1.1 / ISO 15740 (Third Edition, 2013. The core driver is written in C++ and supports most POSIX based host platforms, such as iOS and macOS. For Apple based software development, Cocoa wrappers are supplied which permit use of the drivers from either Objective-C or Swift.

The drivers provide a simple application interface while using a multithreaded archiecture to permit background downloads. Configurable pipelining is used to maximise performance and minimise battery usage when using slower interfaces such as TCP/IP. This yields image browsing performance increases of upto 2x to 3x compared to non-pipelined implementations.

The drivers can be supplied for standalone use, or as part of a custom application development. For more information please see here.

About tSoniq: tSoniq develops drivers and applications for wireless multimedia and peripherals for macOS,  iOS, Windows and Android. tSoniq offers a range of proven SDKs and drivers for USB and Thunderbolt supporting applications spanning from smart speakers to professional audio, as well as digital camera systems. For more information please visit



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