DFU Tools Compatible with Mac OS X 10.11

Barcelona, September 30th 2015

tSoniq is pleased to compatibility for Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) with version 3.2 of its CSR DFU compatible Mac OS X Firmware Update Toolkit for USB peripherals. Developed by tSoniq, two versions of the SDK are available to provide support for both “traditional” and HID based firmware update models. We can support application development using traditional a Cocoa/Swift architecture, or via cross-platform frameworks such as Electron.

tSoniq can also help minimise the risk of in-field firmware update failures by providing full regression testing of the DFU toos with your specific product and a wide range of Apple hardware and software. Testing includes the recovery of devices from hard-failures, such as an unplug of the USB cable during the update process. We also cman provide code-signing compliant with Apple requirements so that no special signing certificates are required when developing an application with the SDK.

The toolkit supports all Device Firmware Update (DFU) compliant USB peripherals, and adds extensions for Bluetooth based hardware that can be difficult to support under Mac OS X due to driver conflicts. It includes an easy-to-use API together with an example Cocoa application supplied with full source-code. The software supports USB DFU 1.0 and 1.1 compliant devices and also provides extensions for PSKEY access with popular Bluetooth chipsets such as Cambridge Silicon Radio’s BlueCore 5 and CSR8670.

The SDK can be licenced directly from us or may be used in conjunction with our consulting services as part of a custom software project. For pricing and availability, please email us at inquires@tsoniq.com with your requirements.

About tSoniq: tSoniq develops drivers and applications for wireless multimedia and peripherals for Mac OS X and iOS. tSoniq offers a range of proven SDKs and drivers for Apple and CSR technologies, and can manage a complete application development, localisation and test. For more information please visit https://tsoniq.com


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