DisplayX Source Released

Barcelona, April 3rd 2014

tSoniq is pleased to release the DisplayX virtual display driver on Github. DisplayX is a subset of the full Virtual Display Toolkit and can be used to create multiple virtual displays under application control on Mac OS X.

The toolkit has generated a substantial amount of interest in the last year, and we hope that the release of the source code will enable non-commercial developers easier access to the core driver technology. The released code includes both a driver and sample application to illustrate how to control and capture screen data using the Quartz Display Stream APIs.

tSoniq can also offer custom application development based around the display toolkit. With more than 15 years experience in multimedia network technolgy we can support both local (reliable, low latency, high-bandwidth) and remote (lossy, high-latency, low-bandwidth) network applications using adaptive video compression, forward error correction and robust security.

To access the DisplayX source code visit https://github.com/tsoniq/displayx.

About tSoniq: tSoniq develops drivers and applications for wireless multimedia and peripherals for Mac OS X and iOS. tSoniq offers a range of proven SDKs and drivers, and can manage a complete application development, localisation and test. For more information please visit https://tsoniq.com


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