We can offer the following services:

  • MacOS X and iOS software design and development
  • USB driver and firmware development
  • MacOS X Kernel driver development
  • project review and troubleshooting
  • project planning and execution, including funding
  • embedded software design and development
  • localisation support for our software in to most major languages

Recent examples of project work undertaken include:

  • Turnkey USB DFU application development for CSR BlueCore based devices
  • Custom Cocoa UI to parallel an existing Windows application design
  • Application localisation in to Traditional and Simplified Chinese
  • VNC server with OSX virtual display driver with real-time adaptive data compression
  • High end audio driver development with best in class output latency

We also offer a range of field proven SDKs with competitive pricing and flexible license options for use standalone or as part of a larger project with tSoniq.

For further information please contact us for a no-obligation evaluation of your requirements.

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